Fun Games For Young Players

This PDF is available to download here for £5. Coaches working with the youngest age groups are in a very important position, as they have the responsibility of helping to shape the future. It's a lot of responsibility to engage the next generation and instil a love and passion for the game which inspires kids to become lifelong learners of the game. Consider yourself fortunate to be working with young minds, motivated by play, hungry for knowledge and experience.  We are hoping we can help a little with this PDF. The games found here are fun, dynamic, and engaging. They are fairly simple, but more importantly, you as the coach have to shape the environment where play and exploration are key parts of the sessions. Kids are naturally curious. It is us as adults that coach that curiosity out of them.

Shooting Games

This thread was on my own personal Twitter the other day. It will explain some of the rationale behind the exercises in this PDF, which is downloadable here for £5. I started coaching in 2008. It wasn't until 2014 in Mexico that the penny finally dropped. Constraints lead approach, games based, teaching games for understanding etc. I was playing this game with U7 boys, and it all clicked. At that point, I had worked in USA, Canada, Kuwait, Singapore, as well as Mexico and England. I'd had a crack at the UEFA B by then, and done all three FA youth modules. I even had a degree in football studies. So much knowledge and experience, yet it took years to make sense. I had an hour session with them. Twelve showed up. Our club had recently bought lots of goals. I had intended to do this kind of exercise for only around fifteen minutes or so, but did it for the entire time. While observing them in this activity, I noticed so many things were happening. It was by far the most engaged t

Badge Design

Are you on the lookout for a new badge? Would you like to revamp your old one? We can help for £25. What do we need from you? What text do you want on the badge? Do you have a name or a motto that you want displayed? How prominently? What colours would you like? Which ones to stand out more and which ones to be trim? What shape would you like the badge to be? Most football badges are essentially some kind of shield, whether they be completely spherical, or more elongated. Is yours more like a coat of arms? Are there any famous badges you like the design of that you would like us to incorporate? What kind of symbols would you like included? Our badge. A skull in the style of Dia de los Muertos. Why? Because skulls are cool. Circle shape, with a border, with green trim either side. The only text is Azteca Football, because we want that to be big and obvious. The colours of the Mexican flag in the background. The skull to have red and green trim, with a football on it, as that is the spor